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How to Hunt is a fascinated study of hunting. In coloured photographies Trine Søndergaard and Nicolai Howalt describe the encounter of man, nature and animal.

Once hunting was a basic act of survival. Today it is a staged activity repeating the original conditions of man - practised as a hobby within a civilised framework.

The continuing topicality of hunting is the theme of Søndergaard and Howalt. During the last year they have taken part in various hunts around Denmark.

How to Hunt balances between fascinated studies of the phenomenon of hunting on the one hand, and a series of beautiful landscapes heralding back to Romanticism on the other.

A series of the photographs consists of multiple exposures digitally interwoven to show an entire hunt in a single image.

In this way How to Hunt display tableaux that are compositional and temporal concentrates of contemporary hunting sceneries.

Søndergaard (b. 1972) and Howalt (b. 1970) have previously been working together on the project N+T exhibited in Asbaek Underground 2000.

In 2003 Nicolai Howalt released his book BOXER, Art People, with portraits of young boxers photographed before and after a match. In 2000 Trine Søndergaard received the German Albert Renger-Patzsch Award and the following year she released her book Now That You Are Mine, Steidl Verlag.

In connection with the opening in Martin Asbaek Projects Søndergaard and Howalt are releasing the book How to Hunt, Art People, with an introduction by curator Anna Krogh, AroS.


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Trine Sondergaard / Nicolai Howalt: "How to Hunt"