press release

Tropicália comprised a true revolution in the sixties and early seventies in Brazilian music, the visual arts, theater and cinema, but it also impacted advertising, architecture, design, fashion, and television. Tropicália will explore the cultural paradigms deployed by “Tropicalism” in Brazil in, its relation to the complicated urban and political landscape of that period, and its influence on contemporary culture. Tropicália will be a revision of this seminal moment in Brazilian culture. It will also investigate its repercussions in the contemporary artistic production of the country and its connections with issues of globalization and the internationalization of culture. Guest Curator: Carlos Basualdo

The international tour is sponsored by GreySocialLink; Altria Group, Inc.; and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Tropicália is co-organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago and The Bronx Museum of the Arts

Tour: The Museum of Contemporary, Chicago and venues in Europe and South America

22.10.05 - 08.01.06 Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
16.02.06 - 21.05.06 Barbican Centre, London
14.10.06 - 28.01.07 Bronx Museum of the Arts