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Daniel Azoulay Gallery is pleased to present "Tunnel Vision: A Contemporary Visual Odyssey" from December 4th, 2003 thru January 17th, 2004 in the frame of Art Basel and Art Miami.

This collective show features outstanding national and international artists: Karen Knorr, Renate Poljak, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Anja Siemens, David Levinthal, Maxi Cohen, Victor Vazquez, Alfredo de Stefano, Joseph Dadoune, Frederic Nakache, Kohji, Diana Shpungin and Nicole Englemann, Amalia Caputo, Miltos Manetas, Maritza Molina, Ashley Saks and Daniel De Azoulay.

Tunnel vision describes a phenomenon where a person focuses only on one aspect of an object or a concept, while ignoring other realities. Tunnel vision represents the inward gaze and the process of the creation of metaphoric internal worlds taken from the outside or just invented. It can be the physical representation of the internal gaze, virtual realities, monumental landscapes, re-constructed bodies, dream-like lives, symbolic objects or parallel worlds. They all speak about introspection, the capacity of imagining and the creation of a new subjectivity.

Photography and video will engage the spectator through a long journey of impressive worlds. We kindly invite you to witness Karen Knorr's magnificent staged photographs and videos, Milton Manetasґ computer game video alterations, Daniel De Azoulayґs superb monumental landscapes, Victor Vazquez's symbolic chairs, Alessandra Sanguinettiґs dreamlike adventures of two pre-adolescent girls, Alfredo De Stefanoґs interventions on the Mexican desert, David Levinthalґs religious icons, Maxi Cohenґs self portraits in rest-rooms, Diana Shpungin and Nicole Englemannґs collaborative videos on relationships. Also, a pair of Joseph Dadouneґs new images on rituals and religion, Amalia Caputoґs protected feminine torsos, Frederic Nakacheґs videos on animated dolls, Kohjiґs video, Maritza Molinaґs intervention on nature, and Renata Poljakґs videos on domesticity underwater.

They all blend to a powerful group of artists, whose work is characterized by subjectivity, inner vision and a new way of perceiving reality, veiling and unveiling private worlds.

Tunnel Vision will be accompanied by an installation of Cerj Lalonde entitled "://EYE LUV YOU//", a sound piece called "Trick environs.02" by Eduardo Lopez and an outside sculpture, " White Moon Pendulum", by Heriberto Nieves.

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Tunnel Vision
A Contemporary Visual Odyssey

mit Alessandra Sanguinetti, Ashley Sacks, Anja Siemens, Alfredo De Stefano, Diana Shpungin & Nicole Engelmann, Amalia Caputo, Fredric Nakache, Daniel Azoulay, Miltos Manetas, David Levinthal, Karen Knorr, Joseph Dadoune, Renata Poljak, Maritza Molina, Victor Vazquez