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Jessica Murray Projects is pleased to announce In Love with Possibilities, the first solo exhibition of photographs by Una Knox in New York. It will open Friday, April 22, 2005 with a reception from 6 – 8 pm and will run through May 21. Gallery hours are Tuesday - Saturday, 11 – 6 pm.

Knox takes the landmark sale by the Icelandic government of their 276,000 citizen’s genetic code to researchers as a starting point for her photo project In Love with Possibilities. Scraping away at the complex relationship between biological and social histories, her photographs and slide projections investigate isolation and belonging. In Eight Seconds Made To Last Forever Knox captures portraits of 45 Icelanders performing daily activities such as gazing out the window of their living room, waiting tables at a local restaurant, or navigating a boat. Each person’s portrait is shot from eight different surrounding angles, creating a filmic experience of the individual. Knox assembles these portraits in two slide carrousels to project a pair of abutting images. As we watch these images cycle through, we are captivated by the potential relationship of these people to each other, their environments, and the larger defining forces of biology and behavior.

In Love with Possibilities also includes five large-scale photographs. In In Love with Possibilities 1 (2004) the façade of an old weathered house camouflages itself within the mountain landscape. Simultaneously seeming to disappear and become the central focus of the image, the house appears to be returning to the source from which its elements were initially constructed. Seen through the lens of genetic mapping, one is reminded of how various traits can disappear and reappear over multiple generations.

In Love With Possibilities 5, shows two crushed and rusted cars perching themselves on a skeletal house-shaped architectural structure. Set against a cumulous cloud filled sky, these decimated automobiles are set out as a warning to reckless drivers, reminding people not to drink and drive. Her compelling image underscores the fragility of life lost in a moment and the impact our actions have on others.

Una Knox was born in Vancouver, Canada. Her work has been presented in exhibitions in the Europe, Canada and the United States, including Shoshana Wayne Gallery, and has been reviewed in the Los Angeles Times. Knox lives and works in New York.


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