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Valerie Tevere's exhibition "When I say. . . " at Hoxton Distillery was one element of the three sited exhibition What You Want from Me, What I Want From You. Created through correspondences from women film / video makers -including Peggy Ahwesh, Valie Export, Kristin Lucas and Vivienne Dick- this exhibition navigated the underside of urban spaces.

When I say... is a performative video work that uses popular psychology -word association- to prompt dialogue around particular sites in Manhattan and it's surrounding Boroughs. The sites are systematically chosen, based upon their geographic location, recent publicity and contestation.

Urban and cultural theorists speak about the public right to the City, the production of its spatial framework and the ennunciative right to narrate, to acknowledge human agency and recognition. When I say... responds to these ideas, facilitates, produces, and articulates Public dialogue in an engaging and revealing manner.

What You Want from Me, What I Want From You was seen at three Hoxton locations: Hoxon Distillery, Below 54 and The Lux. See the Pandaemonium website for information on other events.

What You Want from Me, What I Want From You was curated by Lauren Cornell and Emma Hedditch

Thanks to Foxy Productions


Valerie Tevere: When I say...