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Victoria Miro Gallery is delighted to present new works by American artist Verne Dawson. The exhibition comprises a series of seven paintings aligned to seven planets each depicting a certain day of the week; two large paintings, horizontal and vertical respectively, recounting the fairytales of Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk; and three new works from an ongoing series of numerical paintings.

Dawson’s paintings weave the prehistoric past into the present embracing a vast history of some 30,000 years. With a painting style that is self-effacing and grounded in the vernacular, Dawson offers careful consideration of narrative through composition and intimate detail. The works in this exhibition propose how the rhythms of life, religion and tradition are predicated on movements within the cosmos, a constant unchanged for thousands of years and one which offers a thread of shared tradition throughout the natural world.


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Verne Dawson