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Whereas the traditional artist made do with a studio, canvas, brush and palette, contemporary artists need a much wider range of skills to master different tools. The shift in contemporary art from conceptual art to video, performance or, for example, community art means that the artist is required to have various social skills. Co-operation with art institutions is also necessary for many artists. The exhibition Vision and mind explores artists’ work and questions related to being an artist. The exhibition, jointly organised by Kiasma and Artists’ Association of Finland, tells about artists, their work and existence. The exhibition reveals to the audience the process which begins with the artist’s idea and ends in a completed work of art: installation, painting, video or some other undefined artistic end result. In addition to completed works, the exhibition features material documented during the creation process, such as sketchbooks or diary entries, videoed working situations, or photographs. The material will also be seen in the exhibition publication. The Exhibition is sponsored by Vattenfall. Pressetext

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Vision and Mind - The role of the artist
mit Annette Arlander, Tuija Arminen, Pirjetta Brander, Teuri Haarla, Ritva Harle, Gun Holmström, Markus Konttinen, Marcus Lerviks, Ulla Liuhala, Jaakko Niemelä, Kirsi Peltomäki, Outi Pienimäki, Ossi Somma ja Vertti Teräsvuori