press release

This year’s exhibition includes recent work by established and emerging artists worldwide. The variety of conceptual approaches and aesthetic choices shows a medium alive with enthusiasm and questions. The three organisers, Tessa Garland, Darshana Vora and Cinzia Cremona, have selected from more then 300 submissions to orchestrate a reflective and unforgettable event. The Critical Forum will be an opportunity to discuss the work with the artists and reflect on the different uses and frameworks for the moving image.

Exhibition possible through the generous support of Arts Council England.

Visions in the Nunnery is the tenth annual event for artists working with the moving image in a contemporary context.
Kuratoren: Tessa Garland, Darshana Vora, Cinzia Cremona

Künstler: Agricola de Cologne. Alex Hetherington, Günter Puller, Alex Gene Morrison, Allsopp & Weir, Anders Weberg, Andrew Conio, Anthea Kennedy + Daniel Passes + David Saldanha, Christopher Stevens, Cinzia Cremona, Clement Cooper, Dallas Seitz, Darshana Vora, David Kasdorf + Joanna Goodman, Debbie Howard, Gordon Culshaw, Guli Silberstein, Guy Schofield, Hannah Guy, Ian Nesbitt, Jeremy Laffon, Jimmy Owenns, Miho Matsuda, Paul Bratt, Paulina Egle Pukyte + Minna Haukka, Peter Forde, Philip Clyde-Smith, Robert Luzar, Ruben Pariente, Sally Pearce, Surekha , Tessa Garland, Theresa Krause, Tim Davies, Uriel Orlow, Vince Briffa, Laurent Vicente, William Duke, Yonatan Franco, Jonathon Vinitsky