press release

Gagosian Gallery Madison - New York

Gagosian Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition, "What’s Modern?," a survey of historic and contemporary works that extensively explore the Modernist movement. Scheduled to coincide with the reopening of The Museum of Modern Art’s Manhattan location, this show will explore the scope and influence of Modernism beginning with the nineteenth century, and it will follow its transitions through the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

"What’s Modern?" will highlight the work of twenty-six major artists, celebrating almost two centuries of art created since the explosion of Modernism. From its genesis with Cézanne and Picasso, to the post-war abstraction of de Kooning and Pollock, to the contemporary bearers of Modernism’s long lasting influence, this exhibition will seek to investigate the extent to which the notion of Modernism has persisted in the history of art. What’s Modern? will trace the timeline of Modernism and will explore the means by which artists since the nineteenth century have challenged convention and become “modern” through abstraction, expression and appropriation.