Whitney Biennial, New York

Whitney Museum of American Art | 99 Gansevoort Street
NY 10014 New York

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Welcome to the 2002 Biennial Exhibition, on view at the Whitney Museum of American Art through May 26, 2002. The Biennial is the Museum's signature survey of contemporary American art. This exhibition presents the work of 113 artists and collaborative teams, including gallery works, sound and performance, film and video, and net artists.

Whitney Biennial in Central Park Organized by the Public Art Fund

In a first-time effort, organized by the Public Art Fund, the Biennial moves outdoors to Central Park. Intended to be surprising encounters in the flow of daily life, five major artists' projects were commissioned by the Public Art Fund for specific sites within the park. All five artists -- Keith Edmier, Kim Sooja, Roxy Paine, Kiki Smith, and Brian Tolle -- are New Yorkers. They were selected jointly by Lawrence Rinder, the Anne & Joel Ehrenkranz Curator of Contemporary Art at the Whitney Museum of American Art; and Tom Eccles, Director of the Public Art Fund.

For those already privy to the surprise, tours are given in April and May through a collaboration with the Central Park Conservancy. Also, signs will guide parkgoers on a walking tour of the Whitney Biennial in Central Park. Parkgoers will be able to view each of the five works in one visit, proceeding from the park's southeast entrance, at the corner of 59th Street and Fifth Avenue at Doris C. Freedman Plaza, to the Lake just north of the 72nd Street transverse, and exiting the park near the Whitney Museum.

Whitney Biennial 2002

Künstler: Peggy Ahwesh, Bosmat Alon, Jose Alvarez, Maryanne Amacher, Archive (Chris Kubick / Anne Walsh), Gregor Asch (DJ Olive the Audio Janitor), Irit Batsry, Robert Beavers, Zoe Beloff, Sanford Biggers, Susan Black, Jeremy Blake, AA Bronson, James Buckhouse, Javier Cambre, Jim Campbell, Karin Campbell, Peter Campus, Vija Celmins, Chan Chao, Richard Chartier, Tony Cokes, Stephen Dean, Destroy All Monsters , Keith Edmier, Tirtza Even, Omer Fast, Vincent Fecteau, Ken Feingold, Robert Fenz, Mary Flanagan, Glen Fogel, Forcefield, Benjamin Fry, Brian Frye, David Gatten, Joe Gibbons, Luis Gispert, Gogol Bordello, Janine Gordon, Alfred Guzzetti, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Rachel Harrison, Tim Hawkinson, Arturo Herrera, Evan Holloway, Dennis Hopper, Peter Hutton, Ken Jacobs, Christian Jankowski, Lisa Jevbratt / C5 , Yun-Fei Ji, Chris Johanson, Miranda July, Yael Kanarek, Margaret Kilgallen, Kim Sooja, Diane Kitchen, John Klima, Mark LaPore, Robert Lazzarini, John Leanos, Margot Lovejoy, Vera Lutter, Christian Marclay, Ari Marcopoulos, Bruce McClure, Conor McGrady, Meredith Monk, Julie Moos, Tracie Morris, Mark Napier, Robert Nideffer, Andrew Noren, Josh On & Futurefarmers , Roxy Paine, Hirsch Perlman, Leighton Pierce, William Pope L, Praxis (Delia Bajo / Brainard Carey), Seth Price, Walid Ra´ad / The Atlas Group, Luis Recoder, Erwin Redl, Marina Rosenfeld, The Rural Studio, Salon de Fleurus, Keith Sanborn, Peter Sarkisian, Judith Schaechter, Collier Schorr, Chemi Rosado Seijo, silt , Lorna Simpson, Kiki Smith, Gerry Snyder, Stom Sogo, Phil Solomon, Scott Stark, Steina , Brian Tolle, Rosie Lee Tompkins, Lauretta Vinciarelli, Stephen Vitiello, Chris Ware, Ouattara Watts, Peter Williams, Anne Wilson, Lebbeus Woods, Fred Worden, Jennifer Zackin, Zhang Huan, John Zurier

Whitney Biennial in Central Park
Organisation: Public Art Fund, New York
Künstler: Keith Edmier, Kim Sooja, Roxy Paine, Kiki Smith, Brian Tolle