press release

Who are #femaleheroes?
Who would be your #femalehero?
How would you define a #femalehero?
Are heroes admired for their achievements?
Are they admired for their courage?
Does admiration play a key role in the definition?
Do you sympathize with #femaleheroes?
Are #femaleheroes leading personalities?
Who are the principal female characters of the art world?
Can you name living #femaleheroes?
Or can you only define heroes retrospectively?

Questions upon questions. But where are the answers? If you do an online search for female heroes – #femaleheroes – pretty much all you will find are “supergirls” and female action heroes from the world of comic books and manga. Aren’t there any other female heroes? Yes, there certainly are. Thanks to the internet, the forgotten heroines of history are gradually surfacing again. If you look for them, you will find them – for example in Wikipedia.

Who are these #femaleheroes and what makes them so heroic? What does the yearning for female heroes say about current social change? How present are #femaleheroes in the world we live in – or is it female anti-heroes who dominate our worldview? How does the current conflict between the invisibility or visibility of female personalities manifest itself? These questions are central to the exhibition Who are your #femaleheroes? at Galerie | PRISKA PASQUER.

The exhibition brings together works by JOHANNA REICH, CATRINE VAL, RADENKO MILAK and RUDOLF BONVIE. These works are supplemented by a cabinet exhibition featuring female portraits from the 1920s and 1930s. The various positions show the “image of women”, both from a public social viewpoint and an inner, personal perspective. The exhibition was curated by Jeanette Zwingenberger and Priska Pasquer.