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1. Aya Ben Ron, Still Under Treatment , 2005, 5:30 min. Seven patients shift from a state of wakefulness to a state of sleep while receiving general anesthetics in a hospital, exploring the moment in which a person gives total control of his body to another.

2. Dana Gilerman, Scream , 2005, 1 min. The portrait of a woman at the moment of orgasm; a mute, forced scream, extracted from dozens of pornographic films, corresponding with Edvard Munch's painting.

3. Rona Yefman, 2 Flags , 2005, 16:30 min. The "Stripes" and the "Hoods", two gangs with a long history of conflict, fight one another in the urban space of an imaginary, conceptual territory.

4. Yael Bartana, Odds and Ends , 2005, 4:00 min . A newspaper picture of a sale in a mall in Philadelphia , 2003, captures the director's eye. A woman is crushed to death by the mob while trying to purchase a DVD player for her son. Reconstruction of a similar situation in the shopping mall of the city of Lod , Israel .

5. Gilad Ratman, Che-Che the Gorgeous , 2005, 8 min. A strange story about the sorrow of penetrability. Pupa-men in a primordial landscape ("They are not devoid of desire"), sound recorders ("who effectuates and who is effected?") and a singer ("his own ghost director").

6. Boaz Arad , Gefilte Fish , 2005, 11 min. The director's mother gives a lesson in preparing gefilte fish. Her voice comes out of her son's mouth. On "gefilte fish Oedipus" and the Norman Bates ( Psycho ) Syndrome

7. Ariela Plotkin, Aishet Chayil , 2005, 3 min . The commodity on sale is a "woman of valor". The woman of valor (the director), is always on high heels, always flirting, and always has something stuck in her mouth or next to it - and she loves it.

8. Michal Rothschild, Zoom Zoom , 2005, 5:30 min. "I'm here," a woman sings out of the director's apartment in two cities, Berlin and Tel Aviv. The camera reveals the woman time and again, waving a red cloth, marking her spot from afar.

9. Karen Russo, Candy House , 2004, 8 min. The portrait of a conniving woman (the director). The film challenges the prevalent view of the artist as a man/woman of morals, in continuation of her film Charity .

10. Ariella Azoulay, When Night Falls , 2005, 17 min. Through an imaginary conversation between five women, the film touches upon the physical and emotional experience of being abandoned on a sexual basis

11. Elyasaf Kowner, In my Home , 2005, 11:30 min. Interior and exterior scenes from the director's home on the outskirts of Tel Aviv. Illusive sounds and testimonies of the director himself, the rain, the front facade of a brothel, the police in action, a fire.


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Why don't you say it?
Kurator: Michal Heiman

mit Aya Ben Ron, Dana Gilerman, Rona Yefman, Yael Bartana, Gilad Ratman, Boaz Arad, Ariela Plotkin, Aishet Chayil , Michal Rothschild, Karen Russo, Ariella Azoulay, Elyasaf Kowner