press release

Will and Be Going To
An inaugural exhibition of the gallery artists
at our new location 1150 25th Street

Opening reception: November 11, 6 – 8 pm

Altman Siegel is pleased to announce the opening of Will and Be Going To , the inaugural exhibition of the gallery’s new space at 1150 25 th Street. Will and Be Going To includes new works by each of the gallery artists, drawing together painting, sculp ture, photography and video in a multidimensional celebration of Altman Siegel’s gallery program.

Deriving its title from Shannon Ebner’s two

part photograph, Will and Be Going To suggests both a present state and directive for future mobility. The black


white diptych is comprise d of the titular text — an inverted phrase from the artist’s video A PUBLIC CHARACTER — that Ebner stacked atop a scavenged pole. Acting as a prop for language, the rod holds the phrase in space like a three

dimensional word bubble, framing and directing the f ragmented speech. This interchangeability of subjects and verbs, evading traditional grammar rules and coupled with the object’s insertion into the natural landscape, combine to question the rigidity of architecture and hint at the impending failure of the se structures. The two images differ only slightly in their depictions of the California landscape . T he subtl e shift in the clouds suggests only minutes or seconds between exposures of the ephemeral, text box skyline. Stimulating the interstices of langua ge and photography , Ebner’s pigment print diptych, like much of the artist’s focus, addresses our understanding of time and space, and serves as a n introduction to the works presented here by Altman Siegel’s artists.

In special tribute, one gallery will be devoted to the work of Devin Leonardi, an original artist of the gallery’s program who passed away two years ago. On view are the last four paintings completed by the artist shortly before he died . The four paintings were the first in a new body of work that was never completed. This contemplative installation is an homage to the young talent who remains an ongoing influence and inspiration.

Will and Be Going To ushers in a new era for Altman Siegel. Since 2009, the gallery has offered a platform for international artists to exhibit in San Francisco, often for the first time, while fostering the growth of local artists through participation in international art f airs and museum exhibitions. In early November, the gallery will relocate from 49 Geary Street to 1150 25th Street, where it will anchor the third industrial warehouse of the innovative new Minnesota Street Project. The expansive new location in a burgeoni ng arts district offers artists a forum to present ambitious, large

scale artworks, projects and shows. Designed by Katkin Architecture, the new location will occupy one third of a warehouse currently under renovation by Jensen Architects. The expansive bu ilding features natural light, original I

beam bracing and 40

foot ceilings. With 5,000 square feet of exhibition and viewing rooms, the new space will more than double the gallery’s current size. Committed to cultivating a dialogue around contemporary art and practice, this move fortifies the gallery’s commitment to cultural conversation in San Francisco and beyond.

Will and Be Going To includes work by Zarouhie Abdalian, Nate Boyce, Jessica Dickinson, Shannon Ebner, Liam Everett, Laeh Glenn, Chris Johans on, Matt Keegan, Shinpei Kusanagi, Devin Leonardi, K.r.m. Mooney, Alex Olson, Trevor Paglen, Will Rogan, Sara VanDerBeek and Emily Wardill.