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Altman Siegel is pleased to present Stay Home, an exhibition of new work by Will Rogan. This exhibition, which opens on September 10th, will include new photographs, drawings and sculptures by the San Francisco based artist.

Will Rogan's practice reflects the poignant, ironic, disastrous and beautiful in the urban and domestic landscapes around him. Rogan uses this material for artistic interventions in the form of photography, video and sculpture, which often highlight the profound and analytical in everyday life. Several formal motifs run through this new series uniting the various components of the exhibition, such as photographs of eyes looking back at the camera lens, creating self-conscious objects that reference both themselves and the image they depict. Often taking a playful stance on mundane situations and structures, Rogan's work merges the critical with the poetic.

In other new work, Rogan repurposes media from the 1970s into self-referential objects that speak to their own impermanence. Obliquely referencing themes of Memento Mori and Vanitas, he photographs a 35 year old book on the subject of time to speak to the fact that everything suffers from impermanence, even texts that seek to confront the subject directly. Other works depict people fading into blackness, disappearing magicians and unknown artists whose work has faded from popular view. Rogan investigates the arc of time, yet avoids nostalgia by focusing on the humor and warmth imbued in the objects and situations that create the present.

Will Rogan's work will be featured in the upcoming Orange County Biennial. He has an extensive exhibition history, including shows at the Berkeley Art Museum, SFMOMA, the Oakland Museum, Mercer Union, Toronto, ON, BE-PART Platform voor actuele kunst, Waregem, Belgium, Laurel Gitlen, NY, Misako and Rosen and the Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Jack Hanley Gallery, the Lab and Southern Exposure in San Francisco, and Gasworks Gallery, London. In 2002 Will Rogan was the recipient of SFMOMA's SECA award. Will Rogan is also the co-editor and founder of the quarterly journal of editions, The Thing.

Will Rogan
Stay Home