press release

The title of the exhibition is related to an image Wolfgang Plöger found on the internet about prisoners in death row. The reproduction shows Tom. Plöger has printed this image, enlarged it so the roughness and the pixels appeared clearly, and then manually copied it. It became the basis of a new film. Also the other films are based on images of the internet.

Films are made of many separate images. In his slide projections Plöger only shows one image. The mobile element comes into the projection from outside: The shadow of damp, heat, air. It is like a stillstand in a filmic sequence, but this stillstand feels unnatural, the objects in the slide are also captured or imprisoned.

Most of the slides depict land- or cityscapes. Because of strong contrasts between light and dark and explicit skylines, the images look like abstract geometrical shapes. Only now and then, air, clouds or trees refer again to reality.

Wolfgang Plöger
"Meeting Tom"