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Harmony and chaos: painting as a balance of power

“Give me matter and movement, and I will construct the world.” (René Descartes)

A suite can be defined as a sequence of events, like the episodes in a single story. Here, the story is about painting freed from its shackles and appears to want, through its format and the intensity of its colours, to freely embrace space. It pours itself out but physically lays claim to the painting. It is a risky gamble which presages current trends in painting. For upholding the sovereignty of a medium is tantamount to renewing that which characterises it exclusively, to surpassing its contradictions, to contemplating its history. In Xavier Noiret-Thomé’s approach, once the various founding elements of its attractiveness have been definitively assimilated, new developments constantly work against the dogmatism and framing of the form. This condemnation operates within the pictorial medium itself and confers on the surface all of the nature of a chessbvement of the pieces, within the limits of the rules that it has established. Here, it is the surface, the frame of the painting. The eminently mobile light and colour transform these canvases into battlefields, where balances of power are demonstrated. Noiret-Thomé’s paintings are organic. The series appears as an interplay of vibrations. The vacant spaces of the canvases constitute areas of transparency, sensation transmitted by extreme clarity. The artist orchestrates a suite, accentuated by counterpoints which disturb a general composition. For rules of harmony emerge from these images.

Noiret-Thomé’s painting teams with life and creates imaginary concretions resulting from geological, animal and plant worlds. It aims to perpetuateer, this suite of paintings does not aim to show the appearance of images but the very principle of appearance.

Danielle Orhan


Xavier Noiret-Thomé