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Alexandre Pollazzon Ltd is pleased to present the group exhibition ‘You Always Say No To Ibitha’, which brings together four artists, Kevin Hutcheson, Lorna Macintyre, Hayley Tompkins and Sue Tompkins.

‘You Always Say No To Ibitha’ is a phrase borrowed from a performance given by Sue Tompkins. Tompkins’ performances make a sculptural impact on the space and its audience, exploring beyond the formal aspects of the spoken word and its translation into an art form, through the softly punctuated delivery of fragmented words and repetitions creating an often referential and self-referential form of rhythm.

Such a deliberate and instinctive visual poetry and a radical re-definition of form and content links all four artists, whose sensitively composed sculptures, installations and collages reflect a visual discourse that places emphasis on the use of printed matter and everyday materials combined with prudent gestures and intuitive mark-making.

The exhibition at Alexandre Pollazzon Ltd will consist of new sculptures, installations and collages by the four artists.

Hayley Tompkins will present work that is situated on a series of three wooden tables, featuring cut parts from magazines, adapted objects and watercolour drawings. In parallel with these, shreds and patches of torn paper form a group of painted wall objects. This patchwork structures a set of minimal ambivalent visual propositions, part incoherent, part whole.

Kevin Hutcheson will exhibit a selection of collages using cuttings taken from vintage Film and Crime magazines, working from these sources to explore different ideas of context, of cultural history, of narrative and image-making. Inspired both by art history and imagery that is generated by a DIY fanzine culture, Hutcheson's precise compositions appropriate the aesthetics of these separate spaces, whilst remaining objective.

Alongside the performances, Sue Tompkins creates typed-written pieces onto folded sheets of newsprint and objects that comprise the juxtaposition of magazine cut-outs and plastic bottles, fur and ribbons. Closely linked to the performances, the signatory text works form the core of Tompkins’ practice and a major installation of these wall arrangements will be presented.

CONTACT _Con-404F7AA2103 \c \s \l Lorna Macintyre’s structured wall sculptures incorporate natural objects and their intervention, through human touch. Macintyre is interested in a multiplicity of viewpoints, and often inspired by literature and poetry. The title of Macintyre’s piece, ‘Bliss and Other Stories’, that will be presented in the exhibition, is borrowed from a book of Katherine Mansfield short stories.

Hutcheson, Macintyre and the Tompkins’ have previously exhibited together, demonstrating that there is a shared dialogue between their own distinctive formal practices that encourages the viewer to engage, on an intimate and enquiring level.

Hayley Tompkins and Sue Tompkins were born 1971, Leighton Buzzard. Recent exhibitions include ‘Hayley Tompkins and Sue Tompkins’, Andrew Kreps, New York, Sue Tompkins, ‘Becks Futures’, ICA, London, 2006, ‘In The Zone of Your Eyes, Hayley Tompkins and Sue Tompkins’, West London Projects, London, 2005

Kevin Hutcheson was born 1971, Glasgow. Current and recent exhibitions include ‘East International 2006’, Norwich Gallery, Norwich, curated by Jeremy Deller and Dirk Snauwaert. ‘SVO5’ curated by Enrico David and Catherine Wood, Studio Voltaire, London, 2005.

Lorna Macintyre was born 1977, Glasgow. Current and recent exhibitions include ‘The Sun Puts Him Arm Right Through The Window’, Galerie Kamm, Berlin, 2006, ‘New Work’, GSS Gallery, Glasgow, 2006, ‘Death and The Compass’, Four, Dublin, 2006

All artists live and work in Glasgow, Scotland.

You always say no to Ibitha

Künstler: Kevin Hutcheson, Lorna Macintyre, Hayley Tompkins, Sue Tompkins