press release

The 2008 ARTSPACE programme opens with You Are Here, Ariane Craig-Smith’s graduation exhibition. This is the culmination of her 2007 Curatorial Internship at ARTSPACE. For this exhibition five artists have been invited to explore personal strategies of mapping.

Kah Bee Chow, Fiona Connor, Finn Ferrier, Alex Monteith and John Ward Knox present new and existing works which extend the idea of the map and its propositions beyond the page, to consider the tactical nature of mapping space, place and motion.

Through consideration of an architectural detail, or propelling the body into and through the landscape, through a plotting of potential journeys or suggestion of a new viewpoint, these works push and pull at our familiar relationships to location.

The gallery forms an integral material within the exhibition. Visitors will have a new encounter with ARTSPACE, experiencing a shift in perspective that both locates and transport them as viewers.

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Kurator: Ariane Craig-Smith

Künstler: Kah Bee Chow, Fiona Connor, Finn Ferrier, Alex Monteith, John Ward Knox