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Taka Ishii Gallery is pleased to announce our solo exhibition with Kyoto based artist Yuki Kimura, “YOU MAY ATTEND A PARTY WHERE STRANGE CUSTOMS PREVAIL.” Kimura works in installation which consists of the multiple media of found-photographs as well as photos she took, video and sculpture. She has been included in numerous international museum exhibitions focused on promising emerging media artists; 6th International Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul (1999), Slow Tech, Museum of Contemporary Art,Taipei (2006), Rapt!, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne (2006), IMAGINARY CHUYA, Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (2006). The gallery will exhibit new installation works with photographs and sculpture for our 4th solo exhibition with the artist.

YOU MAY ATTEND A PARTY WHERE STRANGE CUSTOMS PREVAIL This is the text written on the slip in a fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant five years ago when I was in LA. This does not mean that I believe in fortune-telling, but I could not throw it away and kept having it only by reason that the phrase was a bit strange for me. I could overinterpret it as a sense of anti-American policy. (Because PREVAIL is a word often used in the presidential address.) Landscape photographs taken during a trip, old photographs I bought at a flea market, white boards I picked up on the street whose function is unknown to me. I nothing but look and play with such objects collected by my hand for a long time. Meanwhile, the imaginary worlds which fleet and spread more and more, gradually link to each other and suddenly I figure it out at a certain time as if I had a revelation. I made objects and photographs out of such a feeling of paranoia. Unknown, strange matters, things equal to empty shells devoid of their contents, the new world created by connecting them. Is the installation itself a party, or a revelation(invitation)? My work is an entrance and an exit to a state of being before knowing mystifying matters, or like film publicity. Yuki Kimura

A mysterious story comes to one’s mind unconsciously from innumerable images that arise from consumed, overused objects, being meant just an “image” separated from the reality. Extracting the elements which attract us like an associative game, we will reach an unrealistic world. Kimura makes a loophole to an imaginary place and time. Kimura’s work is a "magnetic field" which draws the loophole.

Publication: Yuki Kimura YOU MAY ATTEND A PARTY WHERE STRANGE CUSTOMS PREVAIL, 21 x 24 cm, color, 40pages, text by Minoru Shimizu, designed by Maki Yoshimura,, published by Taka Ishii Gallery


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Yuki Kimura