press release

We are pleased to announce our forth one person show with Zilla Leutenegger (born 1968, lives in Zurich) in our gallery. On view are three new installations with video and drawings, following the three spaces of the gallery. These three installations are connected within each other, but function in the same time as individual works.

The installation ‘Ming‘ takes over the large space with a back projection on a mirrored pane of glass which leans on an electricity pylon. On the video you see a poetic journey through an animated 3-d landscape. On the wall are drawings out from the artist’s recent series ‘Winterschlaf‘ (‘hibernation‘).

‘Ming‘ finds its follow up in the adjacent video room of the gallery with the installation 'Lisan then boken min savar tutt‘ (‘To read the book means to know everything‘). You see and hear a woman reading from a big book in an invented language by the artist. The sound of the language is the one of an ancient language, reminiscent to English, Italian, German or Swedish. The spoken words take form and reapear on the walls as fragmented sentences, before they disappear in a real hole in the wall, which is connected to the ‘Ming‘ installation.

The third space is used be the artist as a ‘cabinet of drawings‘ with drawings and photographs in various sizes, framed and unframed. In the middle of the room is a monitor with the video work ‘Spell‘. This romantic film is a video collage, a combination of video, graphics and drawings. You see a running horse which should eventually be covered by dropping letters from the poem ‘der Erlkönig‘ (,the Earl King‘) by Johann Wolfgang Goethe.

The artist will be present before and at the opening. For further details of visual information or to arrange an interview with Zilla Leutenegger, please contact Claudia Friedli at +41 1 440 39 31 or at Thanks go the Mr. Marco Hutz, from NOK, Baden, who sponsored the electricity pylon. In the exhibition space kilchmann plus will be on view more works by Zilla Leutenegger and by other artists of the gallery. Pressetext

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