press release

The exhibition À Contre-Corps / Countering the Body brings together the works of the artists from the Brazilian scene Lygia Clark, Anna Maria Maiolino, and Cildo Meireles around the idea of a "devouring" work. Physical devouring of space that is occupied, inhabited, or even phagocytosed. Psychic devouring of an ingested, assimilated individual, "turned" collective. Intellectual and social devouring which turns the other into a part of the self, and vice versa.

"Antropofagia", as defined by the Brazilian poet Oswald de Andrade's Manifesto antropófago (1928), provides another possible guiding thread through this exhibition physically constructed around the work of C. Meireles. Following O. de Andrade's definition of the act of devouring as a form of apprenticeship and an act of appropriating the world, La Bruja - version I (1979-81), constructed of thousands of kilometers of cotton string, literally appropriates Frac Lorraine's gallery space, spilling into the street and thus disgorging the private space out into public space. The historical works of L. Clark and A. M. Maiolino, scattered along the path drawn/unrolled on the ground, weave new meaningful sensory and formal connections between language and saliva.

Photographs of the collective performances Canibalismo and Baba Antropofágica (1973), made by L. Clark in Paris with the help of students at the Sorbonne, bear witness to her exploration of the human psyche through the intermediary of sensorial experimentation countering the body which release the life energy present in all things. Another important figure of that period, A. M. Maiolino, is present here with her video In-Out Antropofagia (1973), a succession of tight shots of famished mouths (of freedom, of communication, of demand): transitional spaces, places of exchange between the inside and the outside, of discharge and absorption. Invited to exhibit at Frac Lorraine, Mathieu K. Abonnenc will present images of the Amazon forest which swells with the uncanny.

Vertiginous pauses at the "edge of the world" (Luc Jeand'Heur, 2006), the works presented in À Contre-Corps / Countering the Body invite the viewer to a polarizing experience.

A Contre-Corps / Countering the Body

Künstler: Lygia Clark, Anna Maria Maiolino, Cildo Meireles, Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc