press release

Belvedere 21

Alexander Kluge. Pluriverse
06.06.2018 - 30.09.2018

On the occasion of Alexander Kluge’s 85th birthday, Belvedere 21 presents a comprehensive exhibition destined to visualize the core of his multimedia oeuvre.

Alexander Kluge is one of Germany’s most versatile intellectuals. While he is a lawyer, filmmaker, and writer, he primarily sees himself as an author. Using images, texts, and objects, Kluge creates ever new constellations, the meanings of which are mainly derived from the nature of their arrangement. As a contemporary chronicler, he has won a number of awards for his interdisciplinary works that span from literary and analytical books to film and television formats.

The show Pluriverse pays homage to Kluge's core themes, such as biography, the circus, or the Kluge-specific "cross mapping". In close collaboration with the author, his virtuosic, cinematic montages have been translated into three-dimensional space. Biographical specifics and improbable coincidences constantly feature alongside comprehensive themes such as the universe, evolution, love, war and other disasters.

Alexander Kluge has specially produced new films for the exhibition, including a 5-channel projection, which revolves around film history. Moreover, for the first time Kluge offers us a glimpse into his extensive archive of short film sequences. Essential to Kluge's work are his exchanges with artists Kerstin Brätsch, Thomas Demand, and Sarah Morris, among others, whose works he puts in relation to his cinematic work.

In cooperation with Folkwang Museum in Essen, Germany

Curator: Axel Köhne