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This project presented new work made by a diverse group of artists in response to LS Lowry’s painting Ancoats Hospital, Outpatients’ Hall (1952). The transcription process of this project explored the diversity of current practise in relation to an unusual but well known painting by Lowry, an artist who some believe to be a modern master and who others believe to be a Sunday painter.

Ancoats Hospital, Outpatients’ Hall was chosen as the focus for this project because of the activity contained in the dominating social space of the waiting room. With antechambers connected to it, the Hall suggests transference - a stage between states (physical and mental), with people gathered together for a common purpose, interacting, and ultimately waiting for diagnosis. The idea of a space intended for waiting, containing people who are and who will be ‘looked at’, has been transferred to the neutral gallery space, suggesting that the artists involved in this project became participants in Lowry’s painting, and watchers of the watched.

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Ancoats Hospital, Outpatients Hall

Künstler: DJ Simpson & David Burrows, Simon Morley, Marcel Baettig & Tessa Garland, Mandy Hudson, Chantal Joffe, Martin Westwood, Daniel Coombs, Richard Clegg, Sophie Newell, Joel Tomlin