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The approach of Andreas Dobler (b. 1963, Zurich) is characterized by frequent incursions into varied domains such as fanzine illustration, tie-dye, China ink on paper, hard rock or ambient music, as well as screenwriting for films and the stage. Even though painting remains his favored activity, he is still very much interested in drawing. His universe oscillates between oppressive representations, often borrowed from sci-fi imagery, psychedelic culture, the esthetics of comics, petit bourgeois kitsch or exoticism for tourists.

Dobler's uninhibited practice of sampling brings to mind that of artists like Martin Kippenberger, Sigmar Polke and Jim Shaw. His recurring use of preferred motifs brings to mind Dali's surrealism, although Dobler's references appear closer to pop cultural standards: modernist architectures, tropical paradises or, even sexier, the stereotypical image of Cruella de Vil or Wonder Woman. Dobler also favors more mundane objects – saveloys, meringues, shoetrees, briefs or Q-tips – not without mischievously erotic connotations.

Often realized in very large formats, his flying architectures, dreamy spaces and cosmological landscapes combine and mutate into large vortices of mental projections, almost movie-like: outlines of mysterious and disquieting stories.

The Centre d'édition contemporaine presents at the Bac - Bâtiment d'art contemporain, from February 2 to April 1, 2007, several large-format drawings and a new edition from Andreas Dobler composed of three serigraphs : Smoking Up Ambition, Meringues flottantes and Under Fire (black/white, 90 x 115 cm, edition of 30, 5 A.P., 3 H.C., numbered, dated and signed, co-edition of the Centre d'édition contemporaine and the Galerie Evergreene, Geneva, 2007).

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