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After his successful show ‘One’ of 21 paintings at the Museum ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Galerie Akinci is very pleased to announce Andrei Roiter’s solo exhibition of recent works titled “Memory Card”from May 16 through June 19. Mainly a painting show, there are a few objects and one drawing that once again present Roiter’s poetic reflections on his usual theme of permanent transition and restlessness.

Andrei Roiter has always infused his art with a distinct Russian sensibility despite his emigration to the West 20 years ago. Making use of drab colours, rough aesthetics and melancholic atmosphere, Roiter’s works are redolent of his Soviet past. Yet his works are less nostalgic references to his homeland than they are reflections on his personal biography as an artist.

In Roiter’s vocabulary the artist is often portrayed as an observer, a manic collector of images, a permanent tourist. His installations often include various objects and artefacts, paintings and drawings that address the theme of personal identity and memory. It’s as if he’s presenting us with his collection of souvenirs or paintings and drawings of souvenirs.

The paintings in the show are entirely monochromatic and possess the patina of old photos, marked and blemished, as if the images were captured with a dirty lens. “My Russian Eyes” is a humorous but sad take on Roiter’s personal and national identity. Roiter often states that his optics was formed long before coming to the West so he cannot escape the tragic-comic filter with which he views his environment.

Another recurring element in Roiter’s Artist Universe is the image of stacks. Piles of books, bricks, wood and paper look like clumsy totems. There is an anxious quality to the stacking, as if the creator manically tries to reign in the overwhelming abundance of information and stuff. These chaotic towers represent accumulated knowledge, experiences and memories, as if a vertical archive or giant library. Roiter often attaches luggage handles to the piles, as well as to various objects, transforming these to carry-ons for his journeys.

Andrei Roiter a.o. has had solo presentations at the Kunsthall Basel, Kunsthall Recklinghausen, the Museum Galspaleis in Heerlen, the Stedelijk Museum ‘s-Hertogenbosch.In October this year he will have a survey at the Municipal Museum of Schiedam in the Netherlands. In 2011 there is a solo presentation expected at the Museum for Modern Art in Moscow. A catalogue will appear for both of these mentioned shows.Andrei Roiter lives and works in Amsterdam and New York.

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Andrei Roiter
Memory Cards