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Anna Jermolaewa was born in 1970 in St. Petersburg, since 1989, he lives and works in Vienna.

It is considered one of the greatest contemporary artists from Austria. To analyze the structure in which society works, social relations and the sphere of everyday life mainly uses photography, video and installation. In his work focuses on highlighting the conditions and limits of human existence.

Good times, bad times is Poland's first solo exhibition of the artist, who after the premiere at Warsaw's Zachęta, is currently being presented at the WRO Art Center. The exhibition presents works from the last 15 years and new productions of very personal pronunciation. It also gives designs inspired by contemporary opposition movements in Russia and the work of a political nature associated with a family history of the artist. Its title was borrowed from a series of photographs from 2007, on which the artist has captured an image of an ordinary city life: the guidelines of the wall clock mounted on a gray facade perched doves. It also refers to the German television series "Good Times, Bad Times" broadcast since 1992 in the evening the band a commercial station RTL.