press release

Dates. This is the key data: from May, Wednesday 24th to Saturday 27th it will run the new edition of arteBA at La Rural Convention Center, Palermo, Buenos Aires.

Sections. arteBA is a galleries’ fair, and the artists are part of the galleries proposals to participate. arteBA has open call sections like the Main Section (which includes Special Projects and Cabinet) and Barrio Joven Chandon; and curated sections like U-TURN Project Rooms and Solo Show. Besides, there is Dixit which is a special section whith a curated exhibition where the artists participate with their representing galleries and the art publications’ section, Isla de Ediciones.

Curators. A team of professionals is in charge of the selection process of the Main Section and Barrio Joven Chandon. Ana María Battistozzi, Orly Benzacar, Eduardo Brandão, Ignacio Liprandi, Sabine Schmidt are the Selection Committee of Galleries for the Main Section while Raúl Flores and Miguel A. López are the Curatorial Team for Barrio Joven Chandon. The Cabinets in the Main Section are chosen by a Consultant Committee that this year is presided over Ana María Battistozzi, José Luis Blondet and Luiza Teixeira de Freitas.
Chris Sharp will curate the international galleries for U-TURN Project Rooms while Sarah Demeuse and Javier Villa will curate Dixit’s exhibition. Cecilia Szalkowicz, Gastón Pérsico and Mariano Mayer will convene editorial projects to be part of Isla de Ediciones.