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Artissima is pleased to announce that Andrea Bellini has been appointed as new director of the Fair.

Andrea Bellini (1971) is an art critic and independent curator; since 2004 he has been the U.S. editor of Flash Art International. As a critic, he has worked with the most important contemporary artists, focusing mainly on the most recent generations. He is co-curator of the forthcoming Prague Biennial, and the curator of Gino De Dominicis upcoming solo show that will open at Villa Arson Museum (Nice, France) in June 2007.

The professional experience and art-world relationships of our new director will give Artissima the opportunity to increase its international profile and strengthen its role as a fair that is dedicated to emerging galleries and artists.

The next edition of Artissima will take place from November 9th to 11th, 2007, at Lingotto Fiere, Turin.

It is Andrea Bellini's intention that this fair offers a very unique survey of the work of young artists worldwide, favouring the participation of new and challenging international names. The show will also include a diverse programme of events and special initiatives both in the fair itself and around the city.

Present Future 2007 The special section of the Fair devoted to international emerging artists.

The team of curators, consisting of Cecilia Alemani, Luca Cerizza and Raimundas Malasauskas, has focused the attention on original and ambitious projects by young artists, conceived specifically for Artissima.

The artists will display their works in a specially designed space. Present Future will be an exhibition in its own right, where the works will be installed following a curatorial path that highlights the dialogue among the works while respecting their own individual nature.

The artists and galleries selected for Present Future 2007 are:

Julieta Aranda, Michael Janssen, Berlin Rosa Barba, Vera Gliem, Cologne Becky Beasley, Laura Bartlett, London Rä di Martino, Monitor, Rome Haris Epaminonda, Domobaal, London Patricia Esquivias, Silverman, San Francisco, CA Anne Hardy, Bellwether, New York, N.Y. Helen Johnson, Sutton, Melbourne David Maljkovic, Annet Gelink, Amsterdam Michael Riedel, Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin Natascha Sadr Haghighian, Johann König, Berlin Jamie Shovlin, 1/9 Unosunove, Rome Ryan Trecartin, Elizabeth Dee, New York, N.Y. Luca Trevisani, Pinksummer /Giò Marconi, Genoa / Milan Donelle Woolford, Micheline Szwajcer, Antwerp

During the Fair, a jury of international critics and curators will meet to assign the illy Present Future Award to the most significant work. The winning artist will receive a 10,000-euro prize from the event partner, illy, and will have the opportunity to present a design for the “illy Art Collection” of auteur coffee cups.

Selecting Committees

Board of Directors

Paul Andriesse, Paul Andriesse gallery, Amsterdam Olivier Antoine, Art : Concept gallery, Paris Francesca Kaufmann, francesca kaufmann gallery, Milano Massimo Minini, Massimo Minini galllery, Brescia Franco Noero, Franco Noero gallery, Torino Paolo Zani, Zero gallery, Milano

Consulting Committee

Marc e Josée Gensollen, Marseille Maurizio Morra Greco, Napoli Filiep e Mimi Libeert, Kortrijk Gregory Papadimitriou, Athens Renato Preti, Milano

131 galleries from 16 countries will be taking part in the Fair this year: an overview of the most important international research in the field of the visual arts.

This is the new Artissima: a project that has the prime aim of providing product excellence and the highest cultural quality. A contemporary art fair designed to satisfy the expectations and intellectual curiosity of the most sophisticated art professionals and of the great Italian and international collectors, but also one that fosters the emergence and development of a new specialised generation of young collectors, with a view to investing in the artists of the future.

1/9 Unosunove, Roma / 1000eventi, Milano / 41artecontemporanea, Torino / Albion, London / AMT, Como / Analix Forever, Genève / Paul Andriesse, Amsterdam / Art agents, Hamburg / Art: Concept, Paris / Artericambi, Verona / Alfonso Artiaco, Napoli / Artra, Milano / Astuni, Pietrasanta / Laura Bartlett, London / Bellwether, New York / bnd tomasorenoldibracco, Milano / Bortolami, New York / Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin / Brancolini Grimaldi, Roma, Firenze / Canada, New York / Cardi, Milano / Charim, Wien / cherry and martin, Los Angeles / Ciocca, Milano / Citric, Brescia / Antonio Colombo, Milano / John Connelly Presents, New York / Continua, San Gimignano, Beijing / Raffaella Cortese, Milano / Cosmic, Paris / Guido Costa, Torino / Ellen de Bruijne, Amsterdam / de Expeditie, Amsterdam / Alessandro De March, Milano / de Multiples, Paris / Elizabeth Dee, New York / Umberto Di Marino, Napoli / domobaal, London / e/static, Torino / Feinkost, Berlin / Figge von Rosen, Köln / Emi Fontana, Milano, Los Angeles / Fonti, Napoli / enricofornello, Prato / Foxy Production, New York / Fruit and Flower Deli, New York / Galerie Im Regierungsviertel, Berlin / Galica, Milano / Annet Gelink, Amsterdam / Glance, Torino / Vera Gliem, Köln / Goff + Rosenthal, New York, Berlin / Haas&Fischer, Zürich / Moti Hasson, New York / Reinhard Hauff, Stuttgart / Anna Helwing, Los Angeles / Hoet Bekaert, Gent / In Arco, Torino / Alison Jacques, London / Michael Janssen, Berlin, Köln / francesca kaufmann, Milano / Nicole Klagsbrun, New York / Klerkx, Milano / Christine König, Wien / Johann König, Berlin / Elaine Levy, Brussels / Magazzino d'Arte Moderna, Roma / Cesare Manzo, Pescara, Roma / Giò Marconi, Milano / Marella, Milano, Beijing / Franco Masoero, Torino / Maze, Torino / Francesca Minini, Milano / Massimo Minini, Brescia / Monitor, Roma / Pio Monti, Roma / Murata & friends, Berlin / Museum 52, London / Newman Popiashvili, New York / Franco Noero, Torino / Nogueras Blanchard, Barcelona / Noire, Torino / Lorcan O'Neill, Roma, OREDARIA, Roma / Palma Dotze, Vilafranca Del Penedès / francescopantaleone, Palermo / Alberto Peola, Torino / Emmanuel Perrotin, Paris / Giorgio Persano, Torino / Perugi, Padova / Photo & Contemporary, Torino / Photology, Milano, Bologna / Pianissimo, Milano / Pinksummer, Genova / Postmasters, New York / Produzenten, Hamburg / prometeo, Milano / Reflex, Amsterdam / Rizziero, Pescara / Sonia Rosso, Torino / Perry Rubenstein, New York / Rubicon, Dublin / Lia Rumma, Napoli, Milano / Nikolaus Ruzicska, Salzburg / S.A.L.E.S., Roma / schleicher + lange, Paris / Mimmo Scognamiglio, Napoli, Milano / Suzy Shammah, Milano / Side 2, Tokyo / Silverman, San Francisco /Škuc, Ljubljana / FRANCOSOFFIANTINO, Torino / Reena Spaulings, New York / Diana Stigter, Amsterdam / Sutton, Melbourne / Jiri Svestka, Prague / Micheline Szwajcer, Antwerpen / Ermanno Tedeschi, Torino, Milano / Ileana Tounta, Athens / TUCCI RUSSO, Torre Pellice / Daniele Ugolini, Firenze / V.M.21, Roma / Georges-Philippe et Nathalie Vallois, Paris / van Gelder, Amsterdam / Vernon, Prague / Vistamare, Pescara / Wallspace, New York / Max Wigram, London / Wilkinson, London / ZERO, Milano / Zonca & Zonca, Milano

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Artissima 14
Direktor: Andrea Bellini

Present Future 2007
Kuratoren: Cecilia Alemani, Luca Cerizza, Raimundas Malasauskas