press release

Trondheim kunstmuseum
Beyond Measure
February 29–August 9, 2020

Since the 1990s, the use of quantitative methods of measuring work and outcome in an increasing number of fields has given artists new reason to investigate and question how and why we measure.

Beyond Measure brings together works by eight artists that address or use measuring, charting and a quantitative approach in ways both reflective and critical of the strategies and effects of measuring.

Artists: Meric Algün, Oddvar Daren, Luca Frei, Alexander Gutke, Toril Johannessen, Ragnar Kjartansson, Vida Lavén, Falke Pisano

In connection with the exhibition a catalogue has been produced with new texts by theorists and philosophers Sophia Efstathiou, Emily Herring, Leah McClimans, and Ray Monk, sociologist Aksel Tjora and exhibition curator Johan Börjesson.

During the exhibition, a program of talks, curated by philosopher Sophia Efstathiou will be held in a purpose built setting designed by artist Luca Frei.