press release

Charlotte Moth sets out to discover the mysterious in the familiar. She focuses her attention on the spaces and objects with which we live and the conditions of perceiving materiality in space and time. The artist surveys and explores places: everyday, natural, architectural or institutional. And she creates mise-en-scènes so her works engage in “sculptural dialogues” with each other, dialogues that are not only pervaded by a sense of lightness and motion, but which also create truly magical atmospheres.

The artistic devices used by Moth are analogue: photography and film, slide projections and sculptural arrangements. The source and point of reference of many of her works is "Travelogue", a collection of photographs that she has been assembling since 1999, constantly adding more in the course of her research. The artist commented, "As a collection it reveals a personal circulation and movement through my visiting places." Moth often chooses architectural icons or topics from art history as the subject of her projects. Her destinations have included Ibiza, following the trail of Dadaist Raoul Hausmann, or St Ives, England, where she visited the studio of British sculptor Barbara Hepworth. Ahead of the exhibition at Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein she has taken a particularly close look at two outstanding bridge structures in the region, and examined sensory materials used in Montessori education.

The exhibition combines Moth’s diverse groups of works to create a presentation that engages with the architecture of the Kunstmuseum. It offers visitors a number of surprising spatial experiences: we begin by passing through a shimmering gold curtain, with hidden things awaiting discovery beyond, subsequently immersing ourselves in rooms bathed in coloured light, becoming part of the situation created by the artist.

"Charlotte Moth. Travelogue" is the sixth exhibition in a series showcasing outstanding young artists. Each artist taking part in the series also curates a presentation from Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein’s collection.

The exhibition, conceived in collaboration with Charlotte Moth, is a production of Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, curated by Christiane Meyer-Stoll. The first monograph on Moth, and an artist’s edition, will accompany the show.

Thanks to Sitterwerk, St Gallen, for providing a studio residency for Charlotte Moth in April 2016.