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"Enlargement!" is a continuously changing exhibition, displaying the artistic qualities of the 'new' states of the expanded European Union. Part of Cork Civic Trust's contribution to Cork 2005 and hosted by the Cork Vision Centre, this project presents a year-long programme of creative work that promotes cultural diversity within Europe and encourages new networks of artists and organisations.

In 2005 Cork becomes the fulcrum around which the creative new nations of Europe rotate. Through a positively subversive fusion of familiarisation and enjoyment, the peoples, myths, arts and culture of the New Europe penetrate through the veils of prejudice, mythology and stereotyping. The Cork Vision Centre becomes a kind of sitting room for Europe through this action in 2005.

The focus is on visual art, a key medium of embodied truth and a recurring source of every nation's creative pride. Artists were encouraged to think of cross-disciplinary work; work that could include other art forms including literature, music, food, music and performance. Participants are also encouraged to include some educational aspect in their work, such as the willingness to hold a workshop, lecture or a web presence for Cork.


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Cork 2005: Enlargement! Bringing the New Europe to Cork
Cork Civic Trust
Ort / einzelne Ausstellungen: Cork Vision Centre

mit Kelti Tiitsar, Kirsti Paap, Josef Gaal, Maria Lugossy, Andrejs Grants, Inta Ruke, Gallery Kilbla, Andrej Brumencop, Igor Stromajer, Magdalena Pederin, Marko Jakse, Mat Jazkrivic, Natali Jaseruga, Ursula Berlot, Ziga Koritnik, Bost Jannovak, Marko Crtanec, Vilma Siliekeine, Magdalena Makowska, Justyna Markiewiez, Krzysztof Sidorek, Mariusz Libel, Anetta Mona Chisa, Marek Kvetan, Dusan Zahoransky, Andreas Savva, Roman Franta, Vince Briffa, Renzo Spiteri, Susan O´Toole, Hammond Journeaux, Frank Russell, John Minihan