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D-L Alvarez: ISE
The Ise Shrine, an ancient temple in Japan, occupies only half of a double site. Monks construct an identical temple on the neighboring plot of land every twenty years and demolish the old in a nocturnal ceremony.
In Alvarez' ISE, there is a portrait of Anthony Perkins posed in the leisurely act of painting (a self-portrait). This faces an abstracted and muted screening of his most famous role, mama's boy Norman Bates. These two halves of personality under public view cancel each other out in attempts to rebuild his image (historically, Perkins performance in Psycho was so convincing it eclipsed his chances to ever play a "boy next door" type again)...
drawing / video / wall piece

Peter Fend
Vorschlage fuer Hugo Chavez und die Amerikas | Vorschlage fuer die naechste Regierung |
Vorschlage fuer die nachste Kanzler(in) [ bitte wählen ] | Loesung fuer Arbeitlosigkeit / Untertitel
collage / drawing

Susa Templin