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Practice World or listening to Jerry Vale is doing something

David Scher’s multi-faceted body of work appears to some as scattered, but that is precisely this artist’s intent and pleasure. Scher attempts, through the complexity of his work, to show that the world is multiple. His paintings and works on paper range from figuration that is impressionistic to that which is realistically rendered. He is interested in our way of seeing and understanding things. If objects are rendered in a certain way we “believe” in them, simply because of the way in which they’re rendered. A consistent element throughout is Scher’s deadpan sense of humor, from a painting of a pair of supine dead birds, to a lettered and wing-nutted nut with an ace of hearts playing card peeking out from underneath the nut, to a painting with densely layered architectural elements and one lone man sitting at a desk, waiting, for what we are unsure.

This exhibition includes a group of paintings on canvas and a series of works on paper. One painting, titled “Practice World,” gives a clue to Scher’s idea of art-making, and also refers to the series of works on paper. All of these suggest that this could be a practice world as opposed to real life...that this “might just be practice for something else or...that through drawing the world one learns the world.” (Scher, 2006)


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David Scher