press release

The boundaries between art and experimental design are becoming ever more blurred. Z33 already focussed on this phenomenon in 'Designing Critical Design', which featured designers who introduce a critical viewpoint on design and on their own practice.

'Design by Performance' is a showcase for performative trends in contemporary design. The exhibition doesn't focus on finished products, but on the production process itself: objects whose ealisation is a continuous project, affected or formed by either the environment, the specific situation they are placed in, or the audience / visitors. Processes and performances constitute a crucial part of Design by Performance, lending the exhibition an unpredictable and transformative character, and converting what is otherwise a static 'exhibition space' into a space open to action and change.

Design by Performance. An overview of new performative and process oriented experiments in contemporary design
Kurator: Ils Huygens

Künstler: Atelier NL , Maarten Baas, Pieke Bergmans, David Bowen, Oscar Diaz, Edhv , Front , Martino Gamper, Simon Heijdens, Eric Klarenbeek, Sofie Lachaert & Luc d'Hanis, Laurent Liefooghe, Lawrence Malstaf, Bruno Munari, Markus Schinwald, Studio Glithero, Studio Libertiny, Tjep. , Unfold  & Tim Knapen