press release

In his current exhibition “Perspective Collection 2004” Jan Dibbets continues his works „Perspective Correction“ from the late1960s. Dibbets focuses on works by his artist colleges Andre, Judd, Lewitt and Mangold in his photographs. By stretching threads on the floor and on the wall he outwits the illusionist eye of the camera and creates a feeling of insecurity in the recipient.

Simultaneously we show the artists Jan Albers, Lorenzo Pompa and Anja Schrey, alumna students of Jan Dibbets. Jan Albers (1971) reduces the well known image of Dürer to a silhouette in black, pink and white by usage of oil circuit on canvas. Lorenzo Pompas’ (1962) large-size abstract paintings tear the recipient’s eye in a suction of black oil on paper. In her outsized hyper realistic self portraits (colour pencil on paper), Anja Schrey (*1967) take up different, typically female poses.


Jan Dibbets - Perspective Collection 2004
Simultaneously: Jan Albers, Lorenzo Pompa, Anja Schrey