press release

Göteborgs Konsthall is proud to present the group exhibition Disidentification which will gather an exciting group of acclaimed international artists. Taking as a conceptual entry point José Esteban Muñoz thinking around the notion of Disidentification, the exhibition aims to investigate the production of modern and contemporary subjectivity and bring to the fore a discussion of the political potential of alternative 'world-making'. Taking into consideration the role of the artist as author and the body as a site of inscription layered with meaning, the exhibition will highlight artists who explore the relationship between the body and larger political and ideological forces in ways that include alter-ego, masquerade, drag, metamorphosis and disguise.

The body in representations, in its physical presence and absence, visible only through traces and memories, form the entry point of investigation into real and imagined lifes and worlds. In an engagement with modes of performativity in contemporary art practice, the exhibition seeks to explore the politics of representation in ways that aim to disrupt the desire of the viewing gaze and produces a displacement of perception and meaning. The exhibition will focus on artists who explore modes of performative self imaging in an interrogation of gender, sexual and racial difference. Disidentificationpresents works that use strategies of satire, exaggeration, disassembling and recycling of the language and stereotypes of hegemonic culture in order to deconstruct its’ seductive power and produce new social relations and subjectivities. Disidentificatory performances form dissident practices of revolt, mockery and a refusal to fit into neatly packages notions of identity and subjectivity. These are artists who open up difference as a possibility, and otherness beyond the self/other relationship that structures identity.

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Künstler: Nick Cave, Lukas Duwenhögger, Rotimi Fani-Kayode, Simon Fujiwara, Charlotte Gyllenhammar, Kalup Linzy, Wangechi Mutu & Tracey Rose