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This exhibition brings together the work of five emerging artists who are working in different parts of the UK. Each of these artists has been nominated by a curator working in the same region. The exhibition includes video, small and large-scale drawings, and sculpture. Linking the work is the significant use of drawing. Ruth Claxton's exuberant sculpture and installation explores the dichotomy between fine art and domestic ornament. This interest finds a subtler form in her series of drawings and postcards of Old Master paintings. Claxton subverts these souvenirs of the original works by altering the gaze of the sitters-using scalpel, gold leaf and ink and thereby reclaims their status as original artworks. Claxton was born in Ipswich in 1971 and lives in Birmingham. She had a solo exhibition at University Gallery, Colechester in 2004.

Drawing forms a significant part of the practice of Rachel Goodyear. Her subtle and uderstated drawings and sculptures incorporate humble found objects such as Rizla papers, cardboard boxes and used envelopes. Her figurative subject matter ranges from the mundane to the bizarre. Hung informally and unframed, the drawings commune with each other to set up a web of possible narratives. Goodyear was born in 1978 in Oldhm, Lancashire and lives in Manchester. She has recently exhibited in Mostyn Open 2005, Oriel Mostynl Llandudno, Wales; Post Notes, ICA, London and Midway Contemporary Arts, Minneapolis.

Ilana Halperin uses drawing, photography, performance and sound to explore the relationship between geology and daily life. Drawing is used to make sense of the geological phenomena she encounters and helps her towards a physical understanding of it. Halperin was born in New York in 1973 and lives in Glasgow. She had a solo exhibition at doggerfisher, Edinburgh, in 2005 and has just completed a research residency at Camde Arts Centre, London.

Luc Woolett, aka Lady Lucy, is an artist and curator. She carries her sketchbook with her wherever she foes and makes hundreds of drawings of the people she meets and situations she comes across. Much of her work in influenced by film, music and underground culture. Lucy was born in 1974 and lives and works in Bristol. Recent projects include a residency for Electric Paviliom for Watershed Media Centre and Spike Island Print Residency.

Alex Pearl creates videos as a way of bringing the objects he makes back o life. Peal is interested in the parallels between a form of drawingthat is improvisational and explorative and the medium of digital video. Pearl was born in Manchester in 1968 and lies in Melton, Sufflok. He is currently artist in residence at Sideshow, Nottingham and recently exhibited in a group show, Indisposable, at Wolsey Art Gallery Ipswich.

These artists were selected by Lucy Byatt, Director, Spike Isand, Bristol; Paulette Terry Brien of The International 3, Manchester;Helen Legg Curator (Off-site) Ikon Gallery, Birminghamd; Lynda Morris, Curator, Norwich Gallery, Norwich School of Art & Design and Andrew Patrizio, Director of Research Development, Edinburgh College of Art.

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Kuratoren: Lucy Byatt, Paulette Terry Brien, Helen Legg, Lynda Morris, Andrew Patrizio

Künstler: Ruth Claxton, Rachel Goodyear, Ilana Halperin, Luc Woolett aka Lady Lucy, Alex Pearl