press release

From May 22nd to August 30th, Centro Cultural Monthermoso Kulturunea presents the projects selected from the more than 500 entries submitted to the ART AND RESEARCH 08 annual open call. The eight artists' projects and one curatorial project selected have been produced by Montehermoso in the 2008-2009 season, and will be presented in the Centre's exhibition rooms.

Eight solo projects: ION ARREGI (San Sebastian, Spain, 1982) Fondo I: Estimas, variaciones y contradicciones románticas.

MARCELO EXPÓSITO (Puerto Llano, Spain, 1966) No reconciliados (nadie sabe lo que un cuerpo puede).

AURÉLIEN FROMENT (Angers, France, 1976) The Fourth Wall

ANDRÉ GUEDES (Lisbon, Portugal, 1971) Airotiv

IRENE KOPELMAN (Córdoba, Argentina, 1974) El vuelo de Lévy.

NATHANIEL MELLORS (Doncaster, United Kingdom, 1974) Giantbum.

PIA RÖNICKE (Roskilde, Denmark, 1974) Facing.

LISA TAN (New York, USA, 1973) Language Barrier

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Eight solo projects

Ion Arregi / Marcelo Exposito / Aurelien Froment / Andre Guedes / Irene Kopelman / Nathaniel Mellors / Pia Rönicke / Lisa Tan