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THE CENTRE OF ATTENTION | 50 Resolution Way, Deptford
SE8 4NT London

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Art fairs are disgusting They make us feel sick Is this the best way to show art? And curate art? It is revolting

We are against it We are for Freeing the Tiananmen 126 Stopping dictators Cleaning the world's water supply Stopping child abuse And other stuff

'…There's these two curators in bed…'

The curators of the Center of Attention Gary O'Dwyer and Pierre Coinde, take to their hotel bed in a 'bed-in' protest for the entire 4 days of the Miami art fairs 'Down with stuff!' they say.

we imagined the show would cover significant points What is the curator to do for an art fair? like the impotent protest gesture of the artist the curator is to the art fair what the artist is to politics expendable


curated by the centre of attention 
part of frisbee (miami)
Cavalier Hotel, 1320 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach