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Emmanuelle Antille lives and works in Switzerland. Her movies and video projects are intimate fictions depicting mothers and daughters, friends, lovers. ‘Angels Camp – First Songs’ is a body of work based on a fictional story. The exhibition consists of a number of sound and video installations, photographs, objects, music and a novel. A four-screen video installation features an array of characters who, in Antille's words, have decided to run away from society to a place where they build their own rules. Their shared experience, living in this imaginary world where the structures of society no longer apply, contains both the magic and violence of a fairytale. The raucous play of this makeshift family of refugees reveals both the liberating and negative aspects of their freedom - the viewer is placed within the action of this uncharted desert isle and invited to work their way into the narrative.

Antille wrote the screenplay for Angels Camp after a road trip with friends through America’s arid west, documenting the unlikely stories that yielded from each day with notes, maps and photographs. The film project is a result of the transcription, upon her return, of her impressions of and feelings about the experience. The soundtrack to the film was recorded live as images from the film were projected before the musicians, Honey For Petzi. The result is an intuitive musical response to the visual image, reminiscent of techniques used in early cinema.

Angel’s Camp was originally shown at the Swiss Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2003 and Emmanuelle Antille has also recently exhibited work in Amsterdam, Chicago, Munich and South Korea and participated in numerous international video festivals. See the website.


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Emmanuelle Antille "Angels Camp – First Songs"