press release

For one night only is a group exhibition organised by Kate Cooper. As part of her continued investigation into video as an event she has invited five other artists to produce moving image work which utilises the time and location of the exhibition and responds to the uncertain future of the gallery itself.

Taking as a starting point the idea that the artwork only becomes complete when it is in situ – in a particular space, time and context, with an audience – the video works on display attempt to perform through the medium itself. They are a response to the location and short history of the gallery and as such, outside of the circumstances of the exhibition the works cease to exist in their proposed state.

For one night only is a direct response to the instability of the auto-italia south east space. As the life of the gallery in its current incarnation draws to an end this exhibition questions the fragility of even digitally reproducible artworks by fixing them in a particular point in time.