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The work of Franck Scurti (born 1965 in Lyon, lives and works in Paris) is highly diverse. Shrugging off any identifiable “style,” it runs through a set of aesthetic and formal concerns that link the heritage of art history with the codes of everyday life. Franck Scurti seeks out elements in both these fields that can function as a language: that, rather than any theme, or characteristic style, is what characterises his work.

WHAT IS PUBLIC SCULPTURE? features a set of works that have been specially conceived and produced for the central space in Le Magasin called “La Rue” (the Street). These comprise a series of sculptures, low reliefs and painted walls. Each work refers to a particular style or genre from the history of art, and is scaled to fit this monumental public space with its glass roof.

Whether the genre they use is constructivist, minimalist or biomorphic, what makes these works singular is that they come ready-tagged, and that this graffiti is actually impressed into the surfaces, as if the surface had pushed in by the projection of the paint or pressure of the felt pen. The idea here is not to contrast popular art or urban culture with “high art.” The intention, more ironically, is to offer the two readings simultaneously. Indeed, the forms do not take a purist approach to their chosen style, and the graffiti and tags covering their surfaces are only reproductions. The juxtaposition of tags and sculptures is informed by the same movement. They work together to support the form and composition of each sculpture.


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Franck Scurti
Kurator: Yves Aupetitallot