press release

Futures of Love
21.06 .2019 - 20.10.2019

Opening night 21 June from 7pm

Curated by Anna Labouze & Keimis Henni

Settled in the near future, the season Futures of Love looks into the possible development of love and sexuality linked to new technology, scientific advances and the evolution of practices, customs and ideas.

The kick-off point for this second season is the exhibition 'Futures of Love' which brings together about 40 international, well-renowned or emerging artists who carry in their work a prospective vision on love and sexuality.

Between dystopia, fantasy and hope, the exhibition is spread over eight chapters, all explorative into a potential future. Starting with the question of love under algorithm, the chapters alternately broach the digitalisation, commodification, robotisation and fluidity of love and sensual relationships, as well as scientific synthesisation of love.

Through the exhibition course, these relationships and practices of a new kind are questioned, inviting the visitors to rethink the very nature of love, of desire and pleasure in the years to come. At its end, the exhibition gets rid of human perspective and opens up to representations of love in nature and the infinite power of this metaphysical, poetic and universal energy.

The exhibition is designed as a sensory journey and takes the form of a dark labyrinth that stretches over 1000 m2. Corridors, niches and immersive environments host the artists’ drawings, paintings, sculptures, photos, videos, multimedia installations and performances - eight of which are projects by young artists, coproduced by Magasins généraux.

Featured artists:
Natalia Alfutova – Ed Atkins – Nobuyoshi Araki – Jimmy Beauquesne – Neïl Beloufa – Kévin Blinderman – Jeanne Briand – CHAVKI – Srijon Chowdhury – Jean Claracq – Cindy Coutant – Ben Elliot – Angus Fairhurst – Louis Fratino – Urs Fischer – Ed Fornieles – Corentin Grossmann – Celia Hempton – Camille Henrot – Alexa Karolinski & Ingo Niermann – Ange Leccia – !Mediengruppe Bitnik – Nick & Chloé – Pierre Pauze – Wong Ping – Suzanne Posthumus – Tal Regev – Pamela Rosenkranz – Hugo Servanin – Hamid Shams – Laurie Simmons – SMITH – Jeanne Spaeter – Anna Uddenberg – Amalia Ulman – Marit Westerhuis – Zoe Williams – Yanmeng Zhang

The eight chapters of the exhibition:

- Computed Love: love predicted by algorithms
- Virtual Love: the dematerialisation of love and sensual relationships
- Self-obsessed Love: selfie culture and the quest for love
- Robotic Love: artificial beings, lust and love feelings
- Chemical Love: love controlled by science
- Fluid Love: the move towards more freedom in relationships and practices
- Hypernatural Love: love through the lens of nature
- Infinite Love: love, a universal and metaphysical energy

The exhibition is realised with support and loans from cultural institutions, art galleries and private collections, including Fondation Louis Vuitton and galleries such as Art: Concept, Sadie Coles HQ, Sprüth Magers, Antoine Levi, kamel mennour...

A mediation team is dedicated to exhibition visitors of the exhibition, to answer questions and offer guided tours.

Warning: some parts of the exhibition may not be suited for sensitive visitors, in particular the younger ones. A specific section focused on ten artists has been set aside for younger visitors.