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Following his major solo exhibitions at the National Museum of Contemporary Art and PS1 Centre of Contemporary Art of New York, George Hadjimichalis presents his new work at the Bernier/Eliades gallery.

George Hadjimichalis was born in Athens in 1954. He studied painting in London. He lives and works in Athens. The work of George Hadjimichalis is characterized by diversity as much in technique as in the use of materials and methods. The artist explores the limits of painting by creating three-dimensional works that narrate or refer to stories, interpret texts or simply indicate situations and thoughts.

In 1995 George Hadjimichalis began to operate the Workshop of Projects and Images in Crisis. In this workshop he creates and organizes various archives which he then uses in the construction of some of his works. The publication of books and music CDs also lies within the scope of the Workshop’s activities.

In this exhibition at the Bernier/ Eliades gallery the artist exhibits three works. The first is titled “Konek-Konek, King of Isprovana, Ponders What Man May Be”. The other two works are from the archives of the Workshop of Projects and Images in Crisis: The first belongs to the Archive of Dreams while the second is from the Archive of Curious Games. Alongside the opening of George Hadjimichalis, the Workshop of Projects and Images in Crisis in collaboration with Agra Publications will publish S.T. Coleridge’s poem “Frost at Midnight” translated by Dionysis Kapsalis. The exhibition will last until January 11, 2003.


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George Hadjimichalis “Three Works”