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On March 31, 2007, video artist/performer, painter, singer/songwriter Guy Richards Smit returns to Roebling Hall with a new show of watercolors and works on canvas that riff on “all the news that's fit to print”— namely the NewYork Times — with gross, hilarious piss-taking and black as pitch insights. Aspiring to Goya and Daumier, Grosz and Dix, Smit's biting sarcasm, brooding absurdism and deep unhappiness regarding the current political and social climate explode in these darkly entertaining takes on the days news that careen between political observation and dreamy internal monologues. Hard news and soft underbellies hover and reveal themselves from behind the parting veils of water, color, dust and text. Smit's mastery at juxtaposing grisly dark humor would have you crying if you weren't laughing so hard.

‘The all around song and dance man, self-styled triple threat’, will also be showing the video for his band Maxi Geil! & PlayColt's new single “Makin' Love In the Sunshine” from the new LP “Strange Sensation.” The LP will be released later in the month on London's Fred[label] through Universal.

Audacity “this shelter is colder than the wild wind outside” Art that reaps what it sows. Super fine art. Smit's art functions as a conversation between the social and the self.

AND they're gorgeous paintings to boot.

only in german

Guy Richards Smit