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Herzliya 2009: an urban, nocturnal and festive group show, to be held for one week in Herzliya's city center, 3–10 October 2009.

The show will feature a large and diverse array of works, findings, inventions and sounds from new Israeli art: sculptures, collages, music, fashion, television, floristry, architecture, interior design, astronomy, dance, theatre, martial arts, handicraft, cinema and robotics – most of which will have their world premiere at the biennial. These will be shown next to a refreshing selection of works drawn from the history of Israeli art.

The list of participating artists includes a handful of young and young-in-spirit artists, among them: Alber Elbaz (FR), Dani Gal (DE), Pil and Galia Kollectiv (UK), Omer Krieger (IL), Nir Evron (IL), Benni Efrat (IL), Anat Ben-David (UK), Keren Englman (IL), Amit Berlowitz (IL), Idan Hayosh (NL), Tai Shani (UK), Freddy Kislev (IL), Noa Giniger (NL), Yael Davids (NL), Avinat Gottesman (IL), Adam Rabinowitz (LA), Ami Shavit (IL), Gilad Ratman (NYC), David Lieske and Christian Naujoks (DE), Hillel Roman (IL), Eitan Ben-Moshe (IL), Assaf Gruber (FR) and more.

Herzliya 2009 is curated and designed by Adi Englman, Meir Kordevani and Toony Navok, the editors and the publishers of Picnic Magazine, an Israeli-based international publication for visual creation distributed in selected stores worldwide.

This year's biennial is the second to be held in Herzliya. Opening events, on October 3rd, will include live music shows and performances, the unveiling of the new biennial pavilion, the launching of Picnic's fourth issue (the catalogue of the biennial), as well as fireworks, treats and desserts.

The opening event will be held in the presence of Mrs. Yael German, mayor of Herzliya and initiator of the biennial, as well as participating artists.

Herzliya 2009: a week of joyful and illuminated nightly celebrations with contemporary art and music shows going from dusk till midnight. Not to be missed!

Herzliya 2009 at the museum: special biennial exhibition at the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, curated by Picnic Magazine 14 October - 12 December 2009

2nd Herzliya Biennial for Contemporary Art is produced and sponsored by the Herzliya Municipality Artistic Directorship: Dalia Levin, Head Curator and Director, the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

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2nd Herzliya Biennial for Contemporary Art
Herzliya 2009
Künstlerischer Direktor: Dalia Levin
Kuratoren: Adi Englman, Meir Kordevani, Toony Navok

Künstler: Alber Elbaz, Dani Gal, Pil & Galia Kollectiv , Omer Krieger, Nir Evron, Benni Efrat, Anat Ben-David, Keren Englman, Amit Berlowitz, Idan Hayosh, Tai Shani, Freddy Kislev, Noa Giniger, Yael Davids, Avinat Gottesman, Adam Rabinowitz, Ami Shavit, Gilad Ratman, David Lieske / Christian Naujoks, Hillel Roman, Eitan Ben-Moshe, Assaf Gruber