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Deitch Projects is pleased to present Mystica a painting and multi-media installation by the Düsseldorf / London artists collective hobbypop. The members of hobbypop are Sophie von Hellermann, Christian Jendreiko, Matthias Lahme, Dietmar Lutz, André Niebur, and Marie-Céline Schäfer.

Artists Statement: We believe strongly that in artistic collaboration lies something other than compromise, something very valuable. As a group we create site-specific installations. These installations can be seen as textures woven out of figures that are linked together by iconographic and formal criteria. The arsenal of figures spans from painting, drawing, photo, film and sound to words, performance, sculpture and architecture. Which form the figures will have, depends on the basic idea and how this idea is developed by the group, while working on site of the exhibition space. We see our work as a journey with each exhibition representing a station on this journey. This image is enhanced by the fact that we travel, meet up, disperse and reconvene for our exhibitions all over the world. There is a definite thread of narrative running through the shows as well. The last stop in January was Athens and the show there was titled Echo. The Echo theme picked up on our theme from the previous summer, the theme of parallel action, which we played out in Düsseldorf, Vienna and Cieszyn. From this idea of contemporanity we arrived at Echo, which in turn led to Mystica. Here we are looking to transform the finite space of the gallery into an infinite space, employing a form of alchemy that we have specially developed for this purpose. Playing a decisive role will be a huge fan, a musical organ and an overall kaleidoscopic effect. And by melting our individual cores we will achieve a massive release of beautiful energy.


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76 Grand Street, New York

hobbypopMUSEUM: Sophie von Hellermann, Christian Jendreiko , Matthias Lahme, Dietmar Lutz, Andre Niebur, Marie-Celine Schäfer