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The Düsseldorf-London-based artists’ collective hobbypopMUSEUM (Sophie von Hellermann, Christian Jendreiko, Matthias Lahme, Dietmar Lutz, André Niebur, Marie-Céline Schäfer) is internationally known for its special approach to art exhibitions. hobbypopMUSEUM create site-specific installations using a range of expressive media, from painting, drawing, photography, film and sound to text, performance, sculpture and architecture. Their installations are based on a specific concept and the way in which the group develops it on site, working within the exhibition space itself.

In terms of the Athens project, which is on view since 25th January at Bar-Restaurant Cosmos, their installation is based on the concept of ECHO and also draws upon the myth of Narcissus, the notion of reflection etc.

The six artists arrived in Athens on 10 January and began working on a so-called ´secret exhibition´ in a specially arranged space on the 1st floor of the Deste Foundation’s Centre for Contemporary Art. ECHO developed over twelve days, and during that time the audience was invited to take a sneak peek of the work in progress. Eventually the ´secret exhibition´ was cut up and fragments – “traces” or “echoes”- of the original installation were installed at Bar-Restaurant Cosmos, thus transforming the space’s appearance.

The entire process was recorded on video, producing at the same time a new (video-) work which was presented on the opening night and accompanied by a live soundtrack, itself a result of their recordings during their stay in Athens.

On Monday, 24 January ECHO was presented in its final form while hobbypopMUSEUM took on the role of performers, presenting a performance related to the installation’s concept.


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hobbypopMUSEUM: ECHO
Organisation: Deste Foundation

Sophie von Hellermann, Christian Jendreiko, Matthias Lahme, Dietmar Lutz, Andre Niebur, Marie-Celine Schäfer