press release

As a show, Homing has developed and grown in response to the main characteristics of the new gallery space on the 4th floor. These attributes can be associated with those of a very intimate lookout, like that of a secluded environment, where the inhabitant lives in solitude and observes.

Since the new space towers above the neighbouring buildings one can secretly watch the surroundings, and in the process, the 4th floor begins to resemble a panopticon. This is reinforced when one sees the outer walls, which are punched with a series of little windows that cover three out of four sides of the space.

The panopticon, as a metaphor for the 4th Floor, is also the natural centre where one’s gaze is directed to. Homing is the instinctive reflex to direct oneself to its territory after travelling. That is in fact what the artworks in the show do, returning to their (new) home. The works are selected in anticipation of the intimate character of the space, becoming a domesticating virus, making the gallery space like that of a breeding ground.

The formal and structural play with image and viewing is a commonly used subject for most of the artists of the gallery. For example, by the use of viewing devices (such as the panopticon), appropriation of old imagery, the use of exotic technologies and the recirculation of image. In the selection of the works we show some exemplary pieces of which most have never been shown before.