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"I am not interested in Reality" showcases five international photomedia artists exploring the notion of reality, conceptually and innovatively and through approaches other than documentary. The conceptual approach in photography has gained new ground, especially against the current backdrop of how we view images and the fact that any image has the potential for perfect digital manipulation. Documentation and fiction hover dependant upon the concept.

New York artist Raϊssa Venables creates rooms with multiple perspectives that then gain anthropological dimensions. The Finnish artist Jorma Puranen visualises the disappearance of a remote culture, that of the indigenous Sami people. The German photographic artist Thomas Wrede stages romantic landscape clich├ęs and exotic holiday destinations, thus transforming the photographic image into a projection of his own yearnings. The Australian artist Natascha Stellmach explores fears and taboos through worry doll scans and a new poetic installation involving an erotic tale. The portraits of the Dutch artist Erwin Olaf are both erotically loaded and possess a high aesthetic sensibility. His installation Key Hole is a German premiere, in which the visitor can become a voyeur to strange worlds.

WAGNER + PARTNER presents this exhibition as part of the European Month of Photography .

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I am not interested in Reality

Mit Erwin Olaf, Jorma Puranen, Natascha Stellmach, Raissa Venables, Thomas Wrede